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How can I buy Mutual Funds through the WealthEVATOR mutual fund app?

First you need to download WealthEVATOR and complete the registration process. KYC (Know Your Customer) is the most important part of the registration process.
Once KYC approval is done by Third Party agencies called KYC Registration Agencies. You can start investing in Mutual Fund Schemes.

How much time does it take to activate OTM from the bank?

OTM’s or One Time Mandates usually takes a minimum of 14 days to a maximum of 45 days activation. The speed of the approval depends on your bank. Post KYC,
soon as you pay the first instalment, the approval process starts and is completed before the next SIP instalment.

How can I transfer my existing mutual fund portfolio to WealthEVATOR?

Submit a filled COB – Change of Broker Form to us and your portfolio will start reflecting in WealthEVATOR in a week. You will need to get in touch with the customer care team and they will send you the COB form immediately, below are the details:-

Drop a mail at or speak with us (+91) 99097 47774

Can I track my external mutual fund portfolio in WealthEVATOR?

Yes, you can add the mutual funds you have invested in before and track them with WealthEVATOR.

Is opening a mutual fund account with WealthEVATOR free?

Absolutely. No charges for opening a mutual fund account with WealthEVATOR.

What charge should I pay to DP TradeKING for investment in mutual fund through WealthEVATOR app?

ZERO. No charge to be pay by the investor to invest in mutual fund via WealthEVATOR.

Can I invest in direct mutual funds with WealthEVATOR?

Yes, WealthEVATOR has both options for Regular and Direct mutual fund investing. You can choose the option that suits your investment style.

Does WealthEVATOR recommend mutual funds schemes for the Investment?

WealthEVATOR has features like Fund Picks, Goals , Top Performances and many more which helps investor to take profound decision according to their choice and needs. You can also use the Goal option, which has predefined goals like Retirement Goal, Child Education, marriage, Save Income Tax, Build Wealth or create your own goals. The best schemes required for you to achieve the goal will be attached to the goal.

Can I track my family’s investment in WealthEVATOR?

Yes, there is a dedicated Family feature for that. You can add the member of the family and track their investments with your own WealthEVATOR account

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